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Walking Trail

The walking trail starts behind the cabins and meanders up and down hills through the woods. It is about one mile long. It is mowed and maintained all summer.

Guests have seen several deer and turkeys along the trail this year on their walks.

Oct 7, 2010

Oct 7, 2010 not a bear, just ruby our dog

Oct. 7, 2010

Oct. 7, 2010 Beautiful right now

Taken Oct. 7, 2010, color should be good a couple of weeks

trail in July, 2010

trail in July 2010

tree fell on the trail

cleaning up after a storm

Photo guest just took

trail in the fall

Birches on the trail

Walking trail begins

Ruby, our dog... Wonderful to everyone!

Birches, fall of the year

Owners, Ole & Janice

Cows relaxing on the hill

trail in the fall


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